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The hub for all my projects which get bigger and more numerous by the day! Join in by downloading and using one or multiple of them or by ordering your own website!

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Software Store

My software store gives you the opportunity to support my work and to get access to some special software you can't get access to otherwise. I am grateful for your support as always!

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Custom Websites

Starting out as a new business or already have an established brand, looking for a new website? I offer static websites like this one as well as complex webapps like libreǝvent or the Language School Hossegor Booking system

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libreǝvent is THE free and open source event management solution with which you can save lots of time and money when managing your events!

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iOS Apps

My iOS apps mostly focus on things you use or do day-to-day. You can view and download my apps on the Apple AppStore

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Open Source Software

As a huge Open Source fan, I also developed some software whose code you can freely use, if your project uses the GPL V3 License. I am also contributing to a JavaScript presentation framework called impress.js

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