About me

Hello! I am Janis Hutz, I am 19 years old, and I am developing Software! Developing is my passion which means that I spend most of my life doing it.

I am currently most interested in developing web apps, both frontend and backend. Logically, I am becoming more and more proficient at what I do every day. Next to web development, I also sometimes develop desktop apps in Python, but since I don't really like the programming language's syntax, I have recently switched to writing my desktop apps in electron such that I can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Next to that I also develop apps for iOS and I am starting to learn to develop Android apps as well.

Next to coding I am still in my studies and am at a school that in US-Terms could be considered College, which means I am not yet going to University, or precisely ETH (which is a Swiss Technology focused University). When not coding in my free-time I am a passionate Arch Linux user (but not that kind that doesn't want to help) and from time to time I play some games online with friends.

As a Linux user, I am a big fan of Open Source Software, which means, I like to develop open source software. Check my GitHub profile link below to see my work

Check out my work!