Proprietary Licence

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  1. Installation

    You are granted the right to install this software on a limited number of devices.

    • You are not allowed to work around technical restrictions or limitations of the software
    • You are not allowed to use this software on multiple devices simultaneously, but are allowed to have it installed on a limited number of devices at the same time
    • You are not allowed to decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the software.
  2. Licensing

    When purchasing this software, the software is not sold to you, but licenced to you. Due to non-compliance with these terms, your licence may be revoked without financial compensation.

  3. Transferring

    You are not allowed to resell or transfer your licence to other accounts. A licence is granted to a specific account and is linked to that.

  4. Warranty

    You agree that Janis Hutz is in no way, shape or form liable for any damage incurred by using this software. There is no warranty included with this software. All software is extensively tested, but errors in usage or code may cause loss of data created with the software. Janis Hutz is not required to provide immediate updates if features of the software do not work as intended.

  5. Updating

    Updates will be rolled out to address potential issues some time after a bug report was made through the support system. You are not guaranteed to receive updates to the software indefinitely. You can see software support statuses and roadmaps here.

  6. Support

    Comprehensive software support may be provided to you as part of your purchase. Any paid software includes a basic support package that is used to address potential shortcomings of the software. If you experience any bugs in the software, please report a bug

  7. Updating of these terms

    These terms may be changed at any time. The most recent terms at the time of your purchase are the terms that apply to your software. New terms will not be forced upon you

  8. Entire agreement

    By agreeing to these terms, you also agree to the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and the Return Policy

Last updated 2024-05-20