Privacy Policy

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Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect

- Bruce Schneier

Keeping your data safe is at the centre of all of my software. Therefore, I will never sell your data and all data that is collected automatically is not tied to your identity.

  1. What data is collected on you?

    Some of my web-based services, but none of my apps may use Privacy Preserving Product Analytics, meaning all data on interactions with my websites and services will be aggregated and anonymized. All raw data is deleted within a day of being collected.
    This data includes your anonymized IP address and your approximated country (which is estimated based on your IP address) and what pages you clicked on. For this purpose my services use Matomo, which is a free and open source, self-hosted analytics tool.
    All other data that is collected on you is data you willingly and at your own responsibility provide me with when signing up or using any of my services. Whilst I try to have everything run cloud-less, some features still require some data handling on my servers.

  2. How is this data stored and processed?

    All the data that has to be sent to the cloud for processing, like the contact form, is sent to my servers using an HTTPS connection, hence, it is an encrypted connection. The data from the contact from is then sent to one of my email addresses via my mail server and is never stored on the actual server. You may have your request deleted at any time. To do so, please contact me again or respond to my response email.
    The data collected automatically by my analytics tool is stored for one day and never allows me to uniquely identify you as an individual. Once the data is aggregated, the raw data is deleted, and you will only show up as part of all users that visit my websites.

  3. How can I have my data deleted?

    To have your data deleted, please contact me. I will not be able to delete the data that is collected automatically, as I do not know who this data belongs to and all raw data is deleted within one day of creation.

  4. Opting out of data collection

    All websites that feature Matomo tracking code will allow you to opt out, if you scroll all the way down and opt out there

  5. Cookies

    Most of my websites do not use any cookies. If they do use cookies, the specific service will explicitly state so when you first visit the page, except for the account services, which use cookies, but don't state this explicitly. Cookies are small amounts of text-based data which is used to identify you, which, whenever one of my services uses cookies, is required to allow you to for example sign into that page. No third party cookies are used on any of my websites

  6. Sharing data with third parties

    On my store, some data has to be shared with third parties, namely the developers of software you purchase. This data includes your unique UserID and your selected username. Not even your email address is shared with third parties. This data is only shared with developers of third-party software if you purchased their software, and they request it. Other than that, no data is shared with any third parties, except I have your explicit, written permission to do so in case I need to forward your query to somebody else.

  7. Updating this privacy Policy

    I retain the right to, at any time, at my own will and discretion to update this privacy policy. Valid is always the privacy policy which is available at this URL

Last updated 2024-05-20