Return Policy

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  1. Definitions

    • Return Window: The window in which I can provide you with a refund
    • Cancellation Window: The window in which you can cancel a subscription before being charged again.

  2. Return Window

    You can return a product within 30 days of purchasing through your account. Some products might not be refundable, as they are consumable

  3. Cancellation Window

    You can cancel a subscription within your account up to 24 hours before the new billing cycle starts. After that, we cannot guarantee that you won't be charged again.

  4. Refund amount

    Refunds result in cost and work for me. Therefore, a refund comes at a 10% plus CHF 0.50 fee. The remaining funds will be sent back to your payment method within about 10 work days. This duration is solely dependent on the payment provider.

  5. Denial of refunds

    Some products may not be refundable for some reasons. We therefore cannot refund the entire order. If a product is not refundable, this is communicated to you on the product page on the store.

  6. Refunds of subscriptions

    Subscriptions aren't currently eligible for refunds. Please be aware that when cancelling products that are required in order for you to get a subscription, the subscription will not be cancelled.

Last updated 2024-05-30