Support Status

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View the support status of all my projects, roadmaps and expected End Of Life dates

Software Status Expected EOL Roadmap
Store Supported - -
ID (Account Services) Supported - -
StorageManager Supported - -
QR & Barcode Insight Supported - -
libreevent Supported - Roadmap
smuL (SimpleMediaUpscalerLite) Supported - Roadmap
BiogasControllerApp Supported July 1st 2026 -
ConductorCalc In Development - Roadmap
MusicPlayer V3 In Development - Roadmap
MusicPlayer V1 Unsupported September 1st 2023 - (EOL)
MusicPlayer V2 Unsupported July 1st 2024 - (EOL)

All pieces of software without an expected EOL date do not have one, because it simply hasn't been decided yet. There might be completely rewritten versions of them taking their place in the future or an EOL date may be added

Once a software has reached EOL, it doesn't mean it will stop working, but rather that it will not receive any more updates

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