This is a selection of my most important projects. This list is not exhaustive, and I've got some private projects ongoing at all times, like updating and optimizing all my different websites.

iOS Apps


Managing your home storage is a difficult task. It is fairly common to forget about things you still have in storage. This is where StorageManager comes in. It notifies you whenever a product is about to expire.

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QR & Barcode Insight

Ever wondered what exactly is inside QR codes exactly? This app shows you the unfiltered content of the QR code such that you can more easily evaluate if this website you are about to visit is trustworthy.

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Proprietary Software


A fully featured web store application, through which you can purchase software and other products developed and created by Janis Hutz

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Account software that provides login functionality to all my software.

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Language School Hossegor Booking System

A fully featured booking system for a language school in France. It features fully automated invoice generation, an extensive admin panel and a easy to navigate reservation experience, fully custom built

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Free and Open Source Software


My flagship project, a fully features, free and open source event management solution you can host yourself. Its feature list is very extensive, so check it out below!

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An electron app with which you can upscale videos and images using different upscaling algorithms. It also features plugin support with which new upscaling engines can be added easily.

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An electron based music player that can display currently playing and next songs including more information on them from CSV files on any number of client displays. These displays solely require a browser.

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Arch Linux Development Virtual Machine

An install-script to get a full Arch Linux development environment running in mere minutes

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A JavaScript framework with which one can create stunning presentations. This is not my own project, but rather a project I contribute code to.

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Various websites and school projects

Over my time at my current school I have created quite a few little projects.

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