School projects

During my time at school I have created quite a few little software projects, the biggest of them being the BiogasControllerApp, whose Logo you can see above.


A Python / Kivy application that can interface with the microcontrollers used in a special subject at the school I go to (which sadly I don't have anymore)

Micro:bit Interface.

A Python / Kivy application that can communicate between the PC and the micro:bit and give it instructions. This project is incomplete.

MIDI - Micro:bit Sound Converter.

A Python / Kivy application to create a string from a midi file that can be used in conjunction with the Micro:bit micropython sound library and therefore allows you to use MIDI file to play on the Micro:bit

History research project.

A research project for history class in which I created a website which gives you a quick overview over Japan in the 19th century.