Images and videos at low resolutions can be quite restricting in terms of what you can do with it and many upscalers either perform terribly, do not look good, can't upscale videos or are hard to use. smuL (pronounced like 'small' because UPscaling) is an easy to use frontend to upscale all your videos and images.

Electron Frontend.

smuL features a gorgeous electron frontend to make upscaling as convenient as possible.


smuL features a CLI to enable you to upscale things in bulk without the downsides that GUIs bring with them

Supported OS.

smuL currently supports Windows and Linux. Click the button below to see detailed system requirements.


smuL features plugin support without having to restart the GUI app. You may simply add a new upscaling engine by downloading a plugin.


smuL is fully open source, you may have a look at its entire source code below and contribute to it if you wish to.


smuL is still actively maintained and developed. Our Roadmap tells you what we are planning to add in the future.


Visit our GitHub repo to help develop the project! PRs are warmly welcomed!



Here's a potentially incomplete list of all past and current contributors to the project.

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