Managing storage can be a challenging task, especially, when the volume of items stored gets big. If products in that storage can go bad, you are very likely to produce quite a bit of waste. StorageManager is an iOS app that can send you notifications such that you do not forget about products that are about to expire.


StorageManager can send you notifications when a product is about to expire so you don't forget about the product. Notifications time can be customised in settings.

Adding products.

You can add products by simply scanning the product's barcode and adding some data on the product. The app will remember the product such that the next time you scan it, it will autofill all relevant data.

Editing products.

Products can be edited straight from the products details page. You can edit every aspect of the product data to the extent that you can make it an entirely different kind.

Removing products.

You can remove products by simply swiping to delete. Alternatively you can delete products by hitting the delete icon in the details page or even better, by scanning the product's barcode.


StorageManager allows you to create product categories and one storage location. If you purchase the full version, you can add an infinite amount of storage locations. The In-App-Purchase is sharable with up to five people in your family.

Filtering & sorting.

You can sort and filter all the data. Many different sorting options and filters are available, as well as a powerful search function, that finds all your products within milliseconds.


StorageManager has iCloud-Sync built in and enabled for ALL users. Simply allow iCloud access for StorageManager and you are off to the races. Your storage data syncs magically between all your Apple-Devices.


You can use StorageManager for free, with one small exception being adding an unlimited amount of storage locations. For this you will need to make an In-App-Purchase. Please check the AppStore for the exact pricing as this is dependent on your country.

Easy setup.

StorageManager features an easy to use, guided setup such that you can be up and running within just one or two minutes of downloading the app.

Display settings.

Choose what is displayed on the main page of the app with simple toggles in the app's settings page. This allows you to see everything you want at a glance or have more items on the screen at once.